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Unique ID for all Indian citizens soon

The UID would obviate the need for a person to produce multiple documentary proofs of his identity for availing of any government service

New Delhi: The Government of India has approved the proposal to use multi-application smart cards with unique identities (UIDs) for citizens to facilitate easy verification, availing of government or private services, help welfare programmes reach intended beneficiaries and for serving as basis for e-Governance.

The Empowered Group of Ministers (EGOM) headed by the External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherji has approved the setting up of a Unique Identity (UID) Authority for this purpose.

The authority will be set up under the Planning Commission.

The proposed system envisages collaboration among several government agencies backed by intensive use of information technology.

It would help every individual for a variety of purposes such as better targeting of government’s development schemes, regulatory purposes (including taxation and licensing), security purposes, banking and financial sector activities.

The Unique Identity (UID) project seeks to assign a UID number to each individual in the country that would remain a permanent identifier right from birth to death of the individual.

The UID would obviate the need for a person to produce multiple documentary proofs of his identity for availing of any government service, or private services like opening of a bank account.

This would end needless harassment that people face for availing of basic government services like issuance of passports, driving licences and electoral identity cards.

Backed by intensive use of technology, it would greatly facilitate easy verification of a person's identity and enable a single communication to trigger address changes in all relevant agencies records.

It would also serve as the basis for many e-Governance services incorporating online verification of a person's identity.

UID would enable government to ensure that benefits under various welfare programmes reach the intended beneficiaries, prevent cornering of benefits by a few people and minimise frauds.

It would enable financial institutions to exchange information regarding defaulters and encourage responsible borrower behaviour.
The scheme envisages that at the inception, the UID number will be assigned to all voters by building on current electoral roll data and progressively adding other persons including persons below 18 years of age who are not a part of the voters list in the country.

The scheme is designed to leverage intensive usage of the UID for multiple purposes to provide an efficient and convenient mechanism to update information.

Photographs and biometric data will be added progressively to make the identification foolproof. Easy registration and information change procedures are envisaged for the benefit of the people.

Any agency, public or private, which deals with individuals and incorporates the UID number of each such individual in its databases, will be able to share information with other agencies which do likewise.

The UID is expected to become available to an initial set of users by 2010.
—iGovernment Bureau

technical fault in software

Whether the Govt of India or UIDAI is aware that the fingure prints of some of the citizens particularly of the senior citizens could not be scanned as the software used and or the scanner is faulty so what time they will take to rectify the fault

Devalued Indian citizens

As per research,Indian citizens are considered to be of zero value nationally and internationally due to their low moral values ,lack of humanity,to be looked upon with skepticism, being out of character lowly and unpaid distrusted people. In view of the above this UID scheme could prove to an gross failure, as there is NO INCOME GUARANTEE. A Indian passport is an ample proof of citizenship and identification as a passport document is recognised both domestically and internationally, bank credit cards could prove to be a good alternative solution as an ID and money card.

Question about details of UID

Can I get a model for the Unique ID for our nation, i.e, what will be format and structure of the number and what will these represent?

Its a new venture obviously and we all are quite excited to get one for ourselves... my good wishes to the project. But my fear and concern is that will there be progress by and large or is it proposed for some vested interest that will be acquired by the people who are knwo so much about it... is there any chances for its mis-utilization which will lead to further disparity n hence more unrest? Hope thru this project we all progress..good luck n sorry if i am deviated..

I would like to be part of UID project. Where can I see its job opportunities?

Dear Sir,

I think this will bring enormous changes in our society if implemented properly. I have couple of suggestions as mentioned below.

This Unique ID database should capture following minimum information

1. Name

2. Date of Birth

3. Address

4. Dependents ( Spouse & Childerns )
5. Dependents Date of Birth

6. Some way to link his parents and children. So this unit of information is linked with another unit of information through family relations. (Linked List)

It is best for all of Indian.


Vaman Shanbhogue

It is best for all of Indians. But it is difficult to impliments


Ashok Pandey

Unique number is necessary. finger print + 16 digit number + pic should be stored in databases. this gives each finger print a number and corresponding face of that finger. if if go to some gov office they check your number and matches you with picture in their database but no need of physical id card.

This is a wonderful scheme that will take citizens of INDIA to next higher level.If this project goes good,security to citizenship can be assured. As a computer engineer i'll also contribute to this project if i get a chance.

hello good morning,i need some information about unique identity authority of india. UIDS using how to create project and what are modules needed that project .

Dear Sir,

My son is a graduate from Columbia Univ., New York (an Ivy League Univ.). He would like to work for a institution which would affect maximum people of India. He worked as an intern every summer in India for a microfinance oragnization empowering village women.

UID Project seems to be something of his interest. Where could he find the information on job opportunities with UID?

Your reponse will be greatly appreciated.

Haren Shah

I suggest 14 digit UID for every Indian
First 8 digit will represent date of birth of person for example person born on 12th jun 1956 his UID will start with 19560612. Next 6 nos will be just a serial number. On any particular day there can not be birth of more than 999,999. This format of number will be easy to remember for his own ID. Just a suggestion.

An Open Letter to Mr.Nilekani -

Suggestions for UID basis:
1. Please don't follow the existing ID cards formats - they are based on Western culture and create lots of confusion.
a. Surname: In India, there is no concept of surname as far as I know. Some people use the Family name, some the Caste name and some simply use the last name in the string of given names.

In the South, especially, the Family name is placed at the beginning and not at the end. For instance, I am Prathipati Rattan Kumar. My family name is Prathipati. I have entered this as the surname which results in people referring to me as R.K.Prathipati - which I am NOT. I have seen the problems in the PAN cards that my clients have (I'm a CA). Similar sort of issues.

b. There is really no concept of First name / Middle name either. There is a name or string of names which constitute the Given names of a person. Even foreigners have this problem in some cases.

2. Suggestions:
I could suggest the name field should consist of (i) Family Name + (ii) Given Name/s + (iii) Correct order of names / initials.

Even this would have some problems since I know many people who don't like using their Caste name and, therefore, may not be in a position to fill the first field at all.

I would suggest that the issues be thrown open for a debate for a brief period before arriving at conclusions.

The PAN card people are causing further difficulties: in the initial application, names have been filled in a particular order [based on the agency helping]; when they go back for, say address change, they are being informed that there are changes in the name since the same order of names is not being followed.

There is a lot more of this nature which needs to be thought through before framing the scheme. Please do not blindly take information / formats from any existing agency.

P.R.Kumar [Not R.K.Prathipati or Kumar, Prathipati Rattan, or any other combination]

Better late than never.
This unique identity should remove any kind of mal practise for multiple identites.

Kudos, team

It is great to Put Mr.Nandan Nilekani as a head of UID,India.Hope he can meet the target by 2012.How we,the NRIs can help to implement the system soon

Looking at population figure and present level of literacy, UID appears to be higly ambitious project. However, if tried really hard, nothing is impossible. Persons at the helm of affairs may get some clue from Gaya based system evolved through centuries by "Pandas" conducting "Pind dan". It is simply marvellous, they can trace your entire heritage once you reveal your "Caste" and "Gotra".

I heard that the registration process has already started and that people are already getting registered for the same.

May somebody mail in the url or the registration link

1) India Need Real powerful National Identity Card .But Now its too late



4) As i am working in Saudia Arabia and holding Saudia Arabia Residentialship permit which has sponership by Company.
It has real use and value without veiled permit you can move any were in kingdom.

Before introducing of UID, first we should study the experience of the Government of China and other South East Asian countries, since it involved huge public money and efforts of the people.

Initially it may be started in two or three states having high literacy rate viz., Kerala/Goa and boarder states of Bangladesh / Pakistan.

Its an interesting news. I am waiting to apply and get it for me. As currently I am having UAE, SINGAPORE ID cards with me I would like to say that the proposed UID should be No 1 in design and technical aspects.
UID will help Indians to present their national identity proof in front of security/civil officers of other countries on demand.
All the best and cheers.

It is great thing that we IT engineers will maintain our own IT infrastructure and help to build powerful INDIA !!!

I will like to get UID.

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