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Pay Commission bonanza for govt employees

The Sixth Pay Commission on Monday recommended a hefty increase in salaries of over four million central government employees, a move that would cost the exchequer Rs 12,561 crore in 2008-09.

New Delhi: The Sixth Pay Commission on Monday recommended a hefty increase in salaries of over four million central government employees, a move that would cost the exchequer Rs 12,561 crore in 2008-09.

The Commission, headed by Justice B N Srikrishna, submitted its report to Finance Minister P Chidambaram recommending implementation of the revised pay from January 1, 2006, which would impose an arrear payout burden of Rs 18,060 crore on the government.

The revised pays fixed the salary of Cabinet Secretary at Rs 90,000 a month and Secretary at Rs 80,000 per month, while making Rs 6,660 as the minimum entry level salary as against Rs 4860.

The implementations of the 6th Pay Commission will come into effect from January 1, 2006.

Recommending a substantial increase in allowances and other benefits, the Commission also suggested a 40 per cent increase in pension and family pension.

According to the report, the total number of grades will be reduced to 20 from the existing 35, the date of annual increment in all cases will be July 1 and the existing rate of House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be retained for A1 cities.

For A, B1 and B2 cities, the allowance will be 20 per cent higher, while the same for C and unclassified cities will be given the allowance at the
higher rate of 10 per cent.

The Pay Commission has also suggested that City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) be subsumed in transport allowance and the rate be increased fourfold, while it suggest that the base year for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for computation of Dearness Allowance (DA) be revised as frequently as feasible.

Defence Forces will be given running pay bands and grade pay on par with those recommended for civilians. The Director General (Armed Force Medical Services) has been placed in the apex grade of Rs 80,000 (fixed).

In Defence Forces, only two trade group to be retained for personnel below Officer Ranks with the earlier trade groups Y and Z being merged. The personnel in trade group X will have an additional X group pay of Rs 1,400 per month.

It also suggested that existing rate of most of the allowances be doubled, both in case of defence forces and civilian employees and replacement of risk allowance by risk insurance.

To remove stagnation, running pay bands for all posts to the Government presently existing in scales below that of Rs 26,000 (fixed) have been introduced.

The reimbursement of education allowance will be raised from the existing level of Rs 50 to Rs 1000 per child per month, subject to the maximum of two children. The hostel subsidy will be raised from the existing Rs 300 per month to Rs 3,000 per month.

Pension will be paid at 50 per cent of the average emoluments/last pay drawn (which ever is more beneficial) without linking it to 33 years of qualifying services for grant of full pension.

The report further says that in case of government employees dying in harness, family pension will be paid at enhanced rates for a period of 10 years.

A new medical insurance scheme has been recommended for Government employees, and will be optional for existing Central Government employees and pensioners. New Government employees and new pensioners will be compulsorily covered by the scheme.

The fitment formula recommended for serving employees will be extended in case of existing pensioners family pensioners.

The rates of Constant Attendent Allowance for disabled pensioners will be increased by five times to Rs 3,000 per month.

The Revised Pay Scale

  • PB-1: Minimum pay band to be Rs 6660 (Rs 4,860 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 1800 as grade pay)
  • PB-2: Minimum pay band to be Rs 12,000 (Rs 8,700 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 4,200 as grade pay)
  • PB-3: Minimum pay band to be Rs 21,000 (Rs 15,600 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 5,400 as grade pay)
  • PB-4: Minimum pay band to be Rs 48,200 (Rs 39,200 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 9,000 as grade pay)

—iGovernment Bureau

My basic pay was Rs14940 on

My basic pay was Rs14940 on 0101.2006. I am an Associate professor and my date of increment is 06.01.2006.
What should be my fixation as per new pay commission?.

Pay fixation as per 6th pay commission

I joined as medical officer in defence services in 2004 and was drawing a basic pay of 9600/- on 01.01.2006 (increment on 30 Dec 2006 to basic pay of 9600/- with Rank pay 400/- , Dearness allce 4266/- and Nonpractice allce 4063/-). On 01.01.2006, my pay was fixed by Controller of Defence Acct to Pay Band 3: basic pay 19580/-, Grade pay 6100/-, Nonpractice allce 6420/-. Later, I was promoted to next rank with grade pay of 6600/-, after completion of four years of service in previous grade; date of increment being 30 Dec 2008. Currently, my basic is 26540/-, grade pay 6600/-, Nonpractice alllce 9785/-. I have seen that other people from same batch as mine are drawing higher basic pay (of 28000/-, grade Pay 6600/-). How can I rectify this now? Is it too late for me to act after so much time has passed? I shall be indeed grateful to you, if you could find some time for my problem and guide me to a solution.

third grade teacher

MY BASIC IS 13660. VETAN visangati dur karne se kitna fayda hoga. rajasthan than u.

my pay band is 6500-10500 now.what it will be after 6th pay comission?


Who is actual guarding the International Border of Pakistan and Bangladesh?Army or BSF? Is the BSF not involved in war?

Why the disparity of pay between the Army and BSF?

I am lecturer in University, my basic pay is 12000. what will be my revised pay scale and total salary.

I am in the pay scale of Rs.8000-275-13500 since 2000. What will be my new pay scale .At present my basic pay is Rs.10200.

I'm ex-service man from CRPF sir I want to know latest revised pay scale plz brief me.


Please give me revised pay and other perks details. At present my basic pay is 6725 in pay scale 5500-9000.

I am Ex-Serviceman-cum-Civilian Pensioner - I don't find any relief given to us. It is only beneficial to existing employees and not to scarified pensioners.

Who is actual guarding the International Border of Pakistan and Bangladesh ?Army or BSF ?
Why the disparity of pay between the Army and BSF

sir, i wuld like 2 know hu much will be the total of this pay scale 3770-4860.means hu much toatal they wil get.

It is very horrible for the Govt. employees of the India that the market is skyrocketing and the employees are not enhanced in their salaries till date. The employees are living hand to mouth in these hard days. Their families are suffering very much for the same. It is also shame for the government who could not decide the matter/ implementing of pay grades yet.

Medical college teachers in Rajasthan are giving medical and health services as well as teaching the UG and PG students but still pay scales are less than UGC pay scales so committee should recommend the uniform pay scales for medical college teachers.

Sir, I am a soldier of Para Military Forces under the MHMA. I would like to know the revised pay sacle of a soldier. My present pay scale is 3200-85-4900 so. Kindly inform me the revised scale.

I would like to know the latest position reg: accepance of the 6th Central Pay Commission Report by Govt. and full impact thereof on serving/retired employees,in unambiguous terms for any body to understand it and the date of effect of introduction of these measures.

what is the new scale for 12000- 16500

Dear Sir,
The pay commission has studied deeply into every aspect of economic status of our country, taking into consideration the inflation. As it is a trend to increase three times of the existing salary the recommended salary can be given, provided the service also is free from corruption,laxity and dedicated. Yours faithfully
Daniel A.

I am a Central University Professor. I would like to know the revised pay sacle of Professors. The original scale starts from Rs.1640-450-22400 . Kindly inform me the revised scale.[/quote]

I am working as a lecturer in a university which follows central university rules. I was appointed in 2002 under innovative scheme with all facilities on par with the regular staff including my career advancement. After completion of five years, contributory pension is being deducted from my slary. Contributory pension came in to effect only in 2004. I would like to know whether I should be placed in the regular pension scheme or only under contributory pension scheme. Kindly let me know

sir i don get it the pay i was getting before de pay commission was some where around 8150/- n now after the commission i wud be getting a pay of around 9150/- an increase of only 1000/- is dat wat it means by increasing defence pay by 40%

I am working as Professor in LSG run Medical College in Ahmedabad.Only few months back we received UGC scales for medical teachers(wef 01-04-1996).Just like scientists we should be given a better pay, incentives & allowances.

What is the new scale of 3120-5160

Theres nothing for CRPF ? Who is actually fighting the real war ?

There is no need to be so happy. The pay recommended for group A officers is too less. Atleast Scientists should be given a better pay, incentive and allowances.

I am a University Professor. I would like to know the revised pay sacle of Professors. The original scale starts from Rs.1640-450 and so. Kindly inform me the revised scale.

I am working as full time "Shikshan Sevak" in junior college in Aided In Thane District (Pune Board, Maharashtra). So please tell me the probation period (i.e.3 years) salary (as per 5th pay Rs. 5000) as per 6th pay commission.

Thank u.

I am Shikshan sevak in junior college. iWant to know that what will be the Salary of Shikshan sevak in Jr college ade from which month it wil be effective.

Dear sir
I am assistant professor,at university of udaipur.Rajasthan government has recently given us the benifit of sixth pay commission.kindly prvide me latest pay for the university present my basic pay scale is 8000-350-13500.

I have been appointed on contract basis in the post of Lower Divsion Clerk in Rajiv Gandhi University (Central University. But i am not getting salary as per the 6th pay commission. I want to know that the 6th pay commission have made only for regular employee? Is there no any benifit made for contract staff of central university in the 6th pay commission? Moreover, i want to know how is the payment (salary) made to the central conract employee?

sir this sixth pay commission is applicable for the employees working in state govt services,
my father has been retired from state govt service ( irrigation ) will this benfit be recieved by him or not?????
please reply

am pharmacist comleted 15yr service as per 6th pay commission my basic pay is pay band-1 5200-20200 +3100 grade 5th pay commission my pay scale was 5500-9000 and basic per 6th pay commissin pay band-2 9300-34800 grade pay 4300 given to this financial loss is 4300-3100=1200+other ans what is my fixation today

I have been appointed on contract basis for a Haryana govt board / corporation job-dept for tha last 7-8 years. According to 6th pay, Will the salary of the contractual employees be increased or not?

I have been in Gr.IV(4) for seven years and now promoted Gr.IV(5) from 1-2-2008.
If I change my option date to 1-7-2008 is benefit to me or not?
My pay on 1-2-2008 44190/GP 8700
Kindly suggest .

Which website I can see the name wise details of 6th pay commission scale and Arrears amount for BSF employees for the month of july 09

i am the faclty of schools lab.assist.
but my pay is Rs. 5000/per month will i get the 6 pay commision it is private institute

i am a widow of crpf husband was dead in a militant attack in march 2001(north easter state). so that I want to know how much pensions there for me.

I was working as A.G.E E/M and retired on 31st october 2008 while my old pay was basic Rs 10100.00 pm. after retirement I am getting Rs 8090.00 as pesion in the old scale. After several query from Garrision engineer Shillong, I could not get a fruitfull answer even regarding my new pension. I will be highly obliged if you kindly LET ME know the proceedure on the subject. With Regards,S.K. CHANDA

please forward the pay commission details


sir! i`m a male nurse in raileay hospital since july 2005. please tell me my minimum pay salary in my pay band 4600, and i`m also promoted as a nursing sister in august 2008 so tell me my fixed pay as now my pay band is 4800.

I was working as a scientist in the ICAR in the grade of 16450-22400 , with a date of increment on 1 January. After attaining the age of 62 years , I retired on 30-6-2007, my date of birth being 1-7-1945. As regards my basic pay , I was drawing Rs. 22400 on 1-1-2005. As this was the ernd of scale, no increment was given on 1-1-2006, while a bunching increment was given on 1-1-2007 raising my pay to Rs 22900. In the revised scale I have been placed in the scale of Rs. 37000-67000 + grade pay of Rs. 10000. I request for answers to the following querry: (i)What should be my basic pay in the revised grade on 1-1-2006. (ii) The employee is not giving me increment of July 2007 as I retired on 30-6-2007. However, I am of the view that I have completed one year on the mid night of 30-6-2007, hence I should be given a notional increment for pension fixation. Are there some court orders for such a situation as of mine? Thanks ( Dr Parshad)

Sir, what will be my salary as per 6th pay commission. I am a primary teacher in maharashtra state employees. My scale is 5000-150-8000 and basic pay is 5900 as on 1/1/ pls tell me my salary and other benefits.

i want to know my new pention amount in six pay plan as i am a retiered teacher as a state government employee.
so plese kindly send me my new pention my basic pention amount is around 3900 Rs.

thank you

I was working as an assistant professor on contract basis , since Feb 2006 to September 2007, in Community Medicine department in Lady Hardinge Medical College I was getting a lumsum of 26,000 per month.Please let me know whether I will be benefitted by sixth pay commission salary hike for the above mentioned period of contract job.


Sir, I am an unmarried female central govt employee and want to show my mother as my dependent as she is widow and has no earning of her own. She does not get any pension. Where should I look for rules related to dependency?  R Jaiswal MP

1) What is the new scale in Sixth pay commission for the post of Talathi & circle officer? 2)The talathi who have recived circle officer grade after 12 years in grade 5000-8000 & reciving 5750 what will be his fixesition?

I retired from PSU on 31-3-2006 and got gratuity Rs 350,000/- only. I was in the grade 14300-18300 and after getting two special increaments my basic was 19,000/- at the time of retirement. Wheather I will get revised gratuity and how much. Please give details.

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