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Pay Commission bonanza for govt employees

The Sixth Pay Commission on Monday recommended a hefty increase in salaries of over four million central government employees, a move that would cost the exchequer Rs 12,561 crore in 2008-09.

New Delhi: The Sixth Pay Commission on Monday recommended a hefty increase in salaries of over four million central government employees, a move that would cost the exchequer Rs 12,561 crore in 2008-09.

The Commission, headed by Justice B N Srikrishna, submitted its report to Finance Minister P Chidambaram recommending implementation of the revised pay from January 1, 2006, which would impose an arrear payout burden of Rs 18,060 crore on the government.

The revised pays fixed the salary of Cabinet Secretary at Rs 90,000 a month and Secretary at Rs 80,000 per month, while making Rs 6,660 as the minimum entry level salary as against Rs 4860.

The implementations of the 6th Pay Commission will come into effect from January 1, 2006.

Recommending a substantial increase in allowances and other benefits, the Commission also suggested a 40 per cent increase in pension and family pension.

According to the report, the total number of grades will be reduced to 20 from the existing 35, the date of annual increment in all cases will be July 1 and the existing rate of House Rent Allowance (HRA) will be retained for A1 cities.

For A, B1 and B2 cities, the allowance will be 20 per cent higher, while the same for C and unclassified cities will be given the allowance at the
higher rate of 10 per cent.

The Pay Commission has also suggested that City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) be subsumed in transport allowance and the rate be increased fourfold, while it suggest that the base year for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for computation of Dearness Allowance (DA) be revised as frequently as feasible.

Defence Forces will be given running pay bands and grade pay on par with those recommended for civilians. The Director General (Armed Force Medical Services) has been placed in the apex grade of Rs 80,000 (fixed).

In Defence Forces, only two trade group to be retained for personnel below Officer Ranks with the earlier trade groups Y and Z being merged. The personnel in trade group X will have an additional X group pay of Rs 1,400 per month.

It also suggested that existing rate of most of the allowances be doubled, both in case of defence forces and civilian employees and replacement of risk allowance by risk insurance.

To remove stagnation, running pay bands for all posts to the Government presently existing in scales below that of Rs 26,000 (fixed) have been introduced.

The reimbursement of education allowance will be raised from the existing level of Rs 50 to Rs 1000 per child per month, subject to the maximum of two children. The hostel subsidy will be raised from the existing Rs 300 per month to Rs 3,000 per month.

Pension will be paid at 50 per cent of the average emoluments/last pay drawn (which ever is more beneficial) without linking it to 33 years of qualifying services for grant of full pension.

The report further says that in case of government employees dying in harness, family pension will be paid at enhanced rates for a period of 10 years.

A new medical insurance scheme has been recommended for Government employees, and will be optional for existing Central Government employees and pensioners. New Government employees and new pensioners will be compulsorily covered by the scheme.

The fitment formula recommended for serving employees will be extended in case of existing pensioners family pensioners.

The rates of Constant Attendent Allowance for disabled pensioners will be increased by five times to Rs 3,000 per month.

The Revised Pay Scale

  • PB-1: Minimum pay band to be Rs 6660 (Rs 4,860 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 1800 as grade pay)
  • PB-2: Minimum pay band to be Rs 12,000 (Rs 8,700 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 4,200 as grade pay)
  • PB-3: Minimum pay band to be Rs 21,000 (Rs 15,600 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 5,400 as grade pay)
  • PB-4: Minimum pay band to be Rs 48,200 (Rs 39,200 as pay in the pay band plus Rs 9,000 as grade pay)

—iGovernment Bureau

I joined IAS on promotion/selection on
17-04-2005 in the Pay Scale of Rs. 12750
-375-16500 and my Basic Pay was fixed
at Rs. 16125. My date of increment is
1st January. On 01-01-2006 with an
increment my Basic Pay was fixed at
Rs. 16500. On 01-01-2007 I was
promoted to Selection Grade and my
Pay Scale was Rs. 15100-400-18300. My
Basic Pay was also fixed at Rs. 16700 in
that Scale of Pay with effect from 01-01
-2007. On 01-01-2008 with an increment
my pay has been fixed at Rs. 17100.
Please advise me from which date, i.e., 01-01-2006 (date of effect of revised pay) or 01-01-2007 (date of promotion to Selection Grade) I should opt for revised pay under the Indian Administrative Service (Pay) Second Amendment Rules, 2008 and what will be the pay after fixation in both the cases
as on the date of option and subsequent
dates, i.e., 01-01-2006, 01-07-2006, 01-01-2007, 01-07-2007, 01-01-2008 and 01-07-2008 (as the case may be).

I am an employee of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (an Autonomous organisation, Govt. of India). Would we get the 6th pay commission pay scale.

I am drawing a basic pay of Rs.14,500/-in the scale of Rs.12000-420-18,300/-as a Lecturer(Selection Grade) equivalent of a Asstt.Professor scale.
I would like to know the corresponding Basic and scale in the 6th.Pay recommendations.


how could i now the new pay scale & arriers of a particular bsf personel
please provide me the link

With the inefficiency, lethargy and corruption associated with the government sector, i suggest a system to be devised to justify this pay scale hike, so that the taxpayers dont feel like losers in the end.

Would pl let me the fitment formula for pensioners who retired on 31st Jan 2006. My pay scale was 14300 -400-18300 & at the time I retired my basic pay was 16700. I rendered 25 y 6 m 1d service in C govt. If I'm correct following calculation should be at per with M.O issued dt.2nd sept.08 by Govt

37400+8700/2=23050. 23050*51/66=17811-com3871=13940 +16% DA 2850= 16690.Pl comfirm. Thanks

Sir, I am working as accountant with raj. govt. As we heard of, Rajasthan govt is giving sixth pay commission from 01-09-2006 and calulating the pay for fixation as per central govt. factor 1.86 whereas it should be 1.935. Calculations of pay with factor 1.86 are correct if fixation is done on 01-01-2006 as prevailing DA rate was 24% but on 01-09-2006 DA rate was 29%it implies the rajasthan govt. employees will lose the 5% DA benefits.

When the UGC pay commission implemented and what are the probable pay scales, and conditions.

What is the latest pay scale [5500-9000] Whe4n it is going to [4200] sixth pay band?

Dear Sir,

What is the latest news about UGC pay scales review committee? When it is going to implement and what is the probable pay scale?

Please give me revised pay and other perks details. At present my basic pay is 5450 in pay scale 5000-8000.

pls give detail for
basic pension 3355
commutation 40% rs 1342

pls give detail for new pay commission

Dear sir
i like to know the latest news about the UGC pay scale

I gave VRS from railways on2005 March. qualifing service around 34 yrs. Can I get revises pension and arrears ifany. If I get arrears from what month I wii get. Present pension Rs 7152/-. Revised pension how much i get with arrears.

I am a primary school teacher at Ranchi Jhakhand. My basic pay was Rs.5750/- as on 01.01.2006. What will be new pay band,grade pay and calculated gross salary in sixth pay commission.

sir, im an exserviceman fm IAF got retired after serving 20yrs in jun 2006 (fm the rank of seargent of y group)kindly let me know 1) how much arrear i wil get (of post & pre retirement) 2)how much pension wil be there pm

I am a HOD in electrical Engg.The pay scale now Rs.13260/ What is the revised pay scale.

My dad was an Ex-service man in Air-Force
My Mum is getting a widow pension, please let us know when and how much will be provided to her if she gets arround 4000/- now.

i m working as Assistant Professor, at private medical college, ahmedabad.
they give us salary as per government rule, basic 10000 + NPA + Other allowances as per rule.
so tell me what will be my new salary.



Please give me revised pay and other perks details. At present my basic pay is 7075 in pay scale 5500-9000

Please give me revised pay and other perks details. At present my basic pay is 8100 in pay scale 5500-9000.


me got Govt.job in Dec,2007. I have no any increment till now. My basic is 8000, what would be my new basic & gross in Haryana,delhi Govt.

Iam a teacher. My basic as on 1st January 2006 was Rs 8100 What would be my basic, other allowances& arrears?

my present basic pay is 3125 what will be my new pay according to 6th pay commission

my present basic pay is 3125 what will be my new pay according to 6th pay commission

Hi my father is an Ex Serviceman retired from the army 1991.I would like to know the increments in my pension and the arrear details and the time from which the arrears are to be paid. Kindly revert back to this mail.

what would be the salary of air force ccivilians whose basic pay is 4500 ?

the contents in the website found suitable

By 2010 in how many ways we get our payment which they said that they will pay from 2006. Is there any provision for payment of fees for the children of the employees who are in the higher studies?

my old basic on 30th April 2004 was 18,900/- service more than 33yrs. hence pension 8950/-[half of 18,900]. what would be my revised pension and what happens to the commuted portion? any one who is in touch with the subject pl reply .Thanq nsr

I am a University Professor. I would like to know the revised pay sacle of Professors. The original scale starts from Rs.16400-450-22400 . Kindly inform me the revised scale as recommended by Chadda Commission.

I am working in a private college as reader. My current basic is 17460/-. i want to know my gross sallary & basic in sixth pay commission.

Thank u.

My Basic pay in July 2006 was 6375, let me know how much shall i get please calculate my pay according to new pay scale.
thanking you
Asheesh bhatnagar

Which website I can see pay commission for retired employees from railways?

dear sir

i am working in Jainariyan vyas university on probitional period on behalf of my mother job as she was expire beofre few months my monthly salary is 3000/- with no benifits of any type of ta da etc after 6th pay commission start what is my new salary.

thanking you

kunal purohit

I m a Graduate Trained Teacher.Appointed in 2002 scale range is 5500-175-9000. My Present Scale is Rs6375. plese inform about my present scale.

Dear Sir,
What is the latest news about UGC pay scales? When it is going to implement and what is the probable pay scale?

Which website I can see pay commission for retired employees from department of telecommunication?

my father is working in railway of (3850-4050)now what will be the increased rate of the salary

My present scale of pay is 5500-175-9000 & current basic is 7250. What will be my new scale of pay and New basic? in 6Th pay

no matter the pay scale may raised, but the fact, a common man/employee will always face a matter it is 6th or 10th pay commission .
A person who really want to change the life and want to over come the financial challanges , may ask me on my

I retired on 31-5-2004 from Engineer in Chief’s Branch Delhi as a Civilian Defense officer on a pay Scale of 10000-325-15200.My last pay drawn was 12,275/- plus 6138/- Dearness Pay = 18423/- My average emoluments given by CDA Pension Allahbad in
PPO is 18022.60. Pension sanctioned 9012/- and after commutation residual pension is
5408/- plus DA on 9012/-. At present I am drawing 5408+4236=9644/- through Syndicate Bank New Delhi. My queries are as under:-

I shall be highly grateful if you could calculate my pension and DA which I will draw per month from Syndicate Bank.

Whether refixation of pension will be fixed sou moto or I have to submit application. If so who will issue me the application forms. To whom I should submit my application? Who is my Head of office – Engineer in Chief or Central Record Office or CDA Pension Allahbad What is the last date for submission of application?

Are their any booklets/publications in the market regarding the pay commission?

I am highly Obliged, Thanking you Sir -

I retired as Professor on 29.2.2008. I became Professor in 2003
My basic in 2006 was 17750 DA 50% was 8875 (DP) and DA 7721 (29%)
While retiring my basic was 18650 and DA 9325and DA 11470 (29%)

Can you tell me my arrears and Pension I am eligible now.


I state govt employee,M.P.My salary is 16500 in the unrevised scale 12000-375- 16500.What will be my total emoluments in the revised th pay commission's scale.

what would be salary if I am running on 6250 in the old scale of 4500-7000

my basic pay 4500-7000
but present time 6125 my fixsation which present time my new scale.

my basic is 3200/-. please state the revised pay structure and arrear as on 01.01.06

my basic is 4300/-. please state the revised pay structure and arrear as on 01.01.06


Dear Sir
I worked in armed forces my rank was -Naik VMAFB, Arvind Kumar. My Basic Salary is 4600/- as on Jan-2006,I retired on Feb 2007. Kindly update me about hike in my salary

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